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Cut The Rope for Android out now via GetJar for free

Addictive physics based puzzler Cut The Rope has been the sole preserve of smug iPhone-wielding types since whenever. But the good news is that the hit game is now available for Android phones and tablets.

What’s more, like Angry Birds and Slice It!, Cut The Rope can be downloaded from Getjar – for £0.00. Free, gratis, zilch, nothing, nada. Pretty nice right?

For those of you who’ve not jealously eyed your friends as they’ve been playing it on their iPhones, the object of Cut The Rope is to guide a piece of candy into the waiting gob of an inert monster called Om Nom.

You do this by, you’ve guessed it, slashing at a series of ropes that suspend the candy above various traps and obstacles.

Sounds silly and a little pointless? It is, but then so is chucking birds at wood and brick bivoacs. Avoid Cut The Rope at your peril – it’s plenty of fun.

To download the game, click the link at the bottom of this article or visit from your Android phone’s browser and perform a search for ‘cut the rope’ and you’ll be taken to a page where you can download the .apk.

Alternatively, you can download the .apk to your computer or tablet if you want to install it that way.

As this game comes from outside the Android Market, you’ll need to have checked the ‘Unknown Sources’ box in your device’s settings.


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