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Daily Express launches £7.99 iPad newspaper app

The latest UK newspaper to launch an official iPad app is the Daily Express, which has hit the App Store running with a digital version of the daily newspaper, and some impressive multimedia bells and whistles.

Unlike rival The Times, the Express’ app also includes the Sunday version of the paper, meaning you can access it seven days a week. Individual pages can be downloaded for offline reading, or whole issues. However, the app doesn’t just seek to reproduce the print edition.

It includes breaking news updates, like The Sun’s app which was released earlier this week. The app also pulls in videos from ITN, for entertainment, news and sports stories. There are customisation features too: you can choose which topics you’re most interested in, and they’ll appear on the homescreen when you fire up the app.

There are also search tools for scanning the latest edition and the Express archives, and even a built-in version of Apple’s iTunes app, so you can listen to your music while reading the paper. The app costs £7.99 to download, which includes a 30-day subscription, although you’ll be required to register your details to trigger it.

Thereafter, we’re assuming it costs £7.99 a month, putting it in between The Sun (£4.99) and The Times (£9.99), although both those publications charge you every 28 days.


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