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Daily Mail App on Android

News apps, they’re a dime a dozen. It’s a pain in the brain trying to decide which one to go for, with all your rags making their way onto your phone in app form, your RSS reader and other news aggregators such as News Republic and Pulse getting 4 stars plus in the market.

To add more confusion to the mix – welcome the Daily Mail app, or addressing it by it’s actual title, MailOnline. As much as we complain, given our first impressions, we’re actually pleasantly surprised. Here’s why:

Upon switching the app on, you are prompted to select your region – UK, US or rest of the world. Once selected, there’s a tutorial. A tad exhaustive, but helpful and comprehensive nonetheless.

The app itself delivers a simple UI with no menus in sight. Instead of endless category lists of news, it gives you a neat swipable way to navigate between stories and a horizontal bar at the bottom of the screen which displays your categories.

There isn’t much in the way of customisation, so you can’t tweak the category bar at the bottom. You can however select what syncs offline and prevent images from syncing to preserve your precious data. Add to this an smooth scrolling, a great tutorial and a simple UI and you get a pretty good news reader, a must for fans of the paper. For everyone else, we’d still recommend giving it a go, if you’re in the UK, the localised content is a nice touch and the simple swiping between articles makes it great for one handed use.