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Data-hungry smartphone apps use up to 115MB per hour

That’s according to Virgin Media Business, who looked at the top 50 free mobile apps.

Although the most data-intensive apps used up to 115MB per hour, the average app was still using 0.89 MB in five minutes.

Given that many phone-users have data plans along the lines of 100s of MB, if you’re running any data intensive apps, like streaming music, it could be worth checking how much you can use over your 3G connection.

It’s also worth seeing what’s currently running in the background of your smartphone, as it may be using your data connection.

According to Virgin Media Business, with average app use, around 667 minutes a month, this typically amounted to 1.4 GB of data each year.

Zoo simulation game, Tap Zoo was the biggest data glutton, taking up 9.6 MB of data in five minutes. This translates to 115 MB in an hour.

Virgin Media Business’s George Wareing, head of mobile and broadcast, said: “Our study shows that spending just a few hours using some apps or streaming multimedia content can lead to huge traffic surges as vast amounts of data is downloaded.

“With data traffic almost doubling in 2010 and smartphone sales set to increase by 50 per cent in 2011, mobile operators really need to think about how they can manage the data explosion as millions more join the smartphone revolution.”

YouTube now takes up a large amount of data traffic; using it for an hour can use up to 130MB.


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