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David Attenborough’s free The Story of Life app is a stunning collection of greatest hits

David Attenborough fans can download a new app for free from Thursday November 17, packed to the gills with exclusive video content. Here’s all you need to know about the BBC’s The Story of Life app.

Frankly we could be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, with hellfire raining from the skies, but if Sir David Attenborough told us in his soothing voice that everything was going to be alright, we’d accept our fate with a glow in our hearts.

Everyone’s favourite nature commentator has been going strong for six full decades, producing a seriously strong body of work. Shows such as Life and Planet Earth have dropped jaws and kept us glued to our sets, and now the BBC has honoured Sir David’s career with the launch of a new app, The Story of Life.

The Story of Life presents over a thousand clips of David in action, across the breadth of his sixty year career. That includes astonishing footage from his latest show Planet Earth II, which you can watch now in glorious 4K. Yep, the bit with the iguana is present and correct.

You’ll be able to pull together your own personal playlists of your favourite Sir David moments and then share them online with the world. And the Beeb has even sneaked in some exclusive behind-the-scenes footage in the form of easter eggs, to hunt down inside the app.

The Story of Life can be downloaded for iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets from this Thursday, and best of all, it’s completely free. But if you want to view the content through your browser instead, you can head to


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