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Day 5 of Recombu Advent Extravaganza: Win an IDAPT i1 Eco mobile phone charger

Welcome to Day 5 of the Recombu Advent Extravaganza. Today we’re giving you the chance to win the excellent iDAPT i1 Eco, a portable charger that ensures you can quickly rejuvenate your mobile phone should the battery run low.

The i1 Eco is a dual-charger, which means it can charge two devices simultaneously via the tip and USB charger. The tips are interchangeable and three are supplied: microUSB, miniUSB and Apple iPhone/iPod. The USB port can be used for larger devices like tablets.

The iDAPT i1 Eco Univeral Charger’s small size means it will easily fit into a briefcase or handbag, so you can use it anywhere with a mains adaptor, while the car adaptor means you can even charge on the way to work.

An auto-off function ensures the charger turns off once the charge has been completed. Eco-credentials are furthered by the use of recycled materials.

We’ve been using iDapt’s charging products for several months now are we’ve been really impressed, the swappable tips are especially useful if you have dual devices with different charging ports – such as a mobile phone and Kindle.

To be in with a chance to win this fantastic prize click here


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