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DC Comics brings Batman, Superman and friends to iPhone and iPad

iPad owners have been dribbling over Marvel’s comics app since the device launched, but now it’s got competition on the App Store. Rival firm DC Comics has launched its own universal iPad and iPhone app, which brings Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and, er, all the others to Apple’s devices.

The app is powered by existing iPhone comics service ComiXology, whose own apps are very slick. The new DC version will offer new comics every week, as well as access to its mammoth archives. The app will also let you read comics on your devices, but also on your computer and laptop, syncing your collection across them all.

The app is free to download, and you buy comics using in-app payments. The standard price seems to be £1.19, which matches those available through Marvel’s app.

The only downside I can think of is that it would be nice to have one app to manage your collections of e-comics from both Marvel and DC. Even so, even a quick flick through DC’s catalogue is enough to show that its app is a treat for comics fans.


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