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Death of a Smartphone: One in five Brits want phones with simpler features

Smartphones are increasingly popular as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone 4S break sales records, but it appears that a large percentage of Brits are shunning these feature-packed mobiles for phones with simpler features.

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Research from Recombu reveals that 21% of Brits refuse to buy a smartphone. Surprisingly the reason isn’t one of cost; over half of respondents only require a mobile phone to make calls. The top reasons people refuse to buy smartphone break down as follows:

1: I only need by mobile to make and receive calls 53%
2: I am on my computer all day, I don’t need to be checking the internet/emails on my phone as well 12%
3: I don’t want to succumb to the pressure of getting a smartphone like everyone else 8%
4: I control my phone bill by not having the internet, email and downloading apps 7%
5: What’s a smartphone? 4%

So despite manufacturers packing their devices with fast processors for gaming, internet access and better cameras, a large percentage of Brits feel they simply don’t need that many features. In a world where we’re more connected than ever at work and at home, it seems many people simply don’t want the 24/7 connectivity a smartphone offers and simply want to use their phone to make calls. 


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