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Decade of mobile: From the first camera phone to the iPhone 3GS

It’s almost 2010 so we thought we’d take a look at what’s happened in mobile over the past ten years. Everything has happened. No, really, have a look. From the first camera phone, to the first 3G network, to Windows Mobile, to the iPhone – it’s been an incredible ten years. We can’t imagine what the next ten years hold but we expect it will blow our phone-loving minds away.

2000 Sharp launches the first ever camera phone, the J-SH04. This year also sees the first Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone and headset.

2001 The first commercial 3G network is launched in Japan. Europe follows suit shortly afterwards and 3 launches the first commercial UK 3G network two years later.

2002 RIM launches its first BlackBerry smart phone. Sony Ericsson launches the T68i, the first phone to support MMS, allowing users to send longer text messages and even pictures.

2003 The Windows Mobile brand is launched with Windows Mobile 2003. Windows Mobile is widely used by businesses to do work on the move.

2004 Motorola launches a very thin clamshell phone called the Razr in the US and it soon becomes a global success. It’s still one of the best selling handsets of all time.

2005 Sony Ericsson launches a superb new camera phone called the K750i and a great music phone called the W800i. These two handsets establish Sony Ericsson as a serious consumer player.

2006 Nokia launches the very simple Nokia 6300, one of the best-selling phones of the past ten years.  HTC launches its own brand and LG turns its brand around by launching a fashionable phone called the Chocolate. RIM also revamps its lineup with a phone called the BlackBerry Pearl.

2007 Apple launches the iPhone in the US, Nokia launches a fantastic smart phone called the N95 in Europe and Samsung beats Motorola to second spot for global sales.

2008 The first Android phone is launched, the T-Mobile G1 (aka HTC Dream). The G1 receives a mixed response but manufacturers are keen to engage with this new OS. iPhone SDK and iPhone 3G released – native iPhone apps go wild.

2009 Palm launches a brand new operating system called webOS and a shiny phone called the Pre. Apple launches the iPhone 3GS and Motorola makes a comeback with the Dext and Milestone.

2010 There are rumours that Apple is going to launch a larger iPhone/tablet device. Palm will hopefully announce a new phone at CES and everyone hopes that Nokia will unveil something amazing.


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