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Dell Streak 7 gets an unofficial Ice Cream Sandwich port

If you were one of the few who snapped up a Dell Streak 7 on the cheap recently, congratulations; there’s an experimental Ice Cream Sandwich port waiting in the wings.

An intrepid team of two over at TabletRoms, DJ_Steve and Giveen, have a beta version of an upcoming Streak 7 Android 4.0 ROM that uses Cyanogen Mod 9 UI elements.

If you’ve always wanted to have something to root but you’ve been scared, we’ve put this comprehensive beginner’s guide together if it’s your first time.

The TabletRoms team mention, in capitals, this this is a BETA and therefore they’re not responsible if you brick your Streak 7. If you’re cautious you can always bookmark the thread below and keep an eye on how the ROM progresses.

At the moment most things seem to work save for the 3G/GSM radios, GPS and the camera, so hang tight. if you feel like donating, there’s PayPal links at the bottom of the post.

Source: TabletRoms via Engadget


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