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Dell Streak 7: Photo gallery

The Dell Streak 7 is another Android tablet that’s part of Nvidia’s Tegra Army – i.e. it comes with a Tegra 2 dual-core processor.

Needless to say, it’s capable of running visually rich, high end games without breaking a sweat. We spent a good 15 minutes playing Samurai II: Vengeance effortlessly slicing up bad guys left right and centre. So engrossed were we, that we forgot where we were (Mobile World Congress 2011) and remembered that we had a job to do (take pictures of and report on new phones and tablets).

So here’s the Dell Streak 7. It’s got a 7-inch screen, runs on Android 2.2 (with a 2.3 OTA update on the cards) and will be available in both 16GB and 32GB editions.

It’s running on an updated version of the Dell Stage custom UI that was first seen on the original Dell Streak. It features a nicer to look at overlay than the previous version and some big custom widgets, allowing for shortcuts to the essentials like email, your favourite apps and games.

Side note: when we spoke to Dell, they told us that the Streak 7 is running on a ‘Tegra T20’ chip. We spoke to Nvidia later on, who told us that ‘T20’ was in fact a development name for the Tegra 2 chip.

Not quite as catchy as Logan, Stark, or Kal-El in our book. But in case you’d heard that the Streak 7 was running on a T20 chip, and you wondered what on earth one was, now you know.

Click through for more close up pics of the Dell Streak 7 and the as of yet unnamed dock that’ll be sold separately.

The diamond pattern on the back of the Dell Streak makes it easy to grip, even when your palms are sweating because you’re desperately trying to finish this level of Dungeon Defenders…

As well as a nice grip, the back of the Streak 7 houses the 5-megapixel main camera and the LED flash.

One of the ends of the Dell Streak 7 houses ports for your SIM and an full sized SD memory card. If you want to use your old microSDs from a phone you can of course use an adapter, like the one shown here.

The dock for the Streak 7 that’ll be sold separately. The transparent pane that serves as a backrest is pretty sturdy and can be removed for easy cleaning.

The dock for the Dell Streak 7 has a full sized HDMI port, microUSB connection and a 3.5mm line out. The left-most socket connects to the mains adapter.

No word on how much the Streak 7’s dock will cost once it’s out, or even what it’ll be called. StreakStand? DockStreak? DellDock?

Update: the dock is simply called the Dell Audio Video Home Dock Solution. It costs £39.00 and is available to buy along with the Streak 7 now.


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