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Desert Winds on an HTC Jetstream shows off the power of Qualcomm’s MSM8860

We spotted this Infinity Blade-style game blazing away on an HTC Jetstream at Qualcomm’s IQ2011 event in Istanbul and we duly lined up to have a go.

Sadly, Desert Winds is not a full game that you’ll be able to download from the Android Market but a technical demo put together by Southend Interactive to show off the power of Qualcomm’s MSM8860 chip and the Adreno 220 GPU.

Though not a full game, it was enough to give us an idea of what to expect from Android games in the near future.

We hacked and slashed away at a huge lumbering beast and marvelled at the fluid animation. It reminded us of the old Knights of the Old Republic games on the Xbox and PC (not a bad thing) in terms of playing style and graphics.

The MSM8860 belongs to Qualcomm’s Series 3/third generation of chips. Earlier Qualcomm was talking about the Series 4 chips bringing ‘console-quality gaming’ to devices. So we can expect at least last-gen level of console graphics from devices with Series 3 chips in.

Though there wasn’t any demo action of the Series 4 MSM8930 going, its nice to be able to have this as a point of reference.

We think the rate at which mobile gaming has improved over the last few years is amazing. Remember what life was like before Angry Birds? Click through for some more hands on pics.

An ‘industry leading gaming experience’ eh? Desert Winds certainly is very impressive; we’re looking forwards to seeing what follows in its wake.

For something that’s essentially a technical demo, we give full marks to Southend Interactive in the presentation stakes.

We didn’t get round to slaying this particular beastie, but we bet he’s got a hidden weak spot somewhere. All end of level bosses worth their salt do.

Controls were pretty rudimentary, just point on the screen and drag the character where you want her to go.

This was the first enemy we faced; he was a pushover. Despite our heroine’s not very protective clobber, we managed to shrug off blows like they were nothing.