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Deus Ex: The Fall sneaks onto Android

The previously iOS-only game Deus Ex: The Fall is available from today for your trusty Android device, via the Google Play Store

It’s hard to believe the original Deus Ex hit our home computers 15 years ago, and now the latest entry, Deus Ex: The Fall, is no longer an App Store exclusive. Android owners can snap the game up from Google Play later today, for £4.99.

Deus Ex The Fall out now for Android phones and tablets

If you’re new to the sneaky-shooty world of Deus Ex, it’s an action/adventure title that casts you as a heavily augmented super-human in the not-too-distant future (2027 to be exact). Its main draw is the ability to tackle missions any way you want – you can be all boring and sneak your way into enemy bases using hacking and stealth skills, or you can simply rip through endless swarms of baddies with a kick-ass minigun instead.

Deus Ex: The Fall is the first mobile-only entry in the series, and so far it’s proved quite popular on iOS, topping the highest-grossing charts on its release last year. We’re expecting it to do pretty damn well on Android too.

Come 2027, we’re hoping to have a special toastie augmentation built into our chests, which allows us to bake up a deliciously hot ham and cheese sandwich at any time. What augmentation would you fancy?


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