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Developer takes a stand against Android Market, builds own store for banned apps


Koushik Dutta, or “Koush”, is well known in Android circles for his involvement in both the development side and as a hacker. He is a member of the CyanogenMod team, offering a customised version of Android OS with over 1 million active users, and the creator of ClockworkMod, a recovery console for Android Devices.

After floating the idea of creating a store for banned apps, Koushik was overwhelmed with positive response and so set his sights on building it. Koushik posted a screen shot, see above, of his progress so far and although this is far removed from the fished product, it looks like it could be impressive.

The alternative app store, dubbed the “CyanogenMod App Store”, will include customised ROMs, games banned due to copyright complaints, unofficial tethering apps, visual voicemail apps, one-click rooting apps and more.

The app store will be available via CyanogenMod, which means that those wanting to take advantage of the app store will only be able to after rooting their device. The process of rooting, much like iPhone jailbreaking, involves hacking the original Android system and is a risky thing to do as you could render your device useless.

We’ll be watching this space and keep you updated with Koushik’s progress.


Via Tech Crunch


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