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Developers struggle to think up actual uses for the S6 Edge curved display

Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge goes on sale on April 10th and while there’s no doubt consumers will be falling over themselves to get their hands on the quirky-looking flagship, the point of that curved display is still hotly debated.

The S6 Edge will be considerably more expensive than its regular shaped brother thanks to that curved display, which admittedly lends a certain appeal to the overall design. However, so far the slopey edges appear to be little more than a glorified notification light, or a cool little quirk to impress your mates down the pub.

Devs are currently hard at work thinking up funky and – more importantly – actual practical uses for the device’s unique screen. However, so far there’s been sadly few worthwhile ideas emanating from the usually fertile, creative minds.

One concept shown off in the video below sees the Edge’s screen deployed as a fancy disco light show which notifies users of incoming calls by flashing in time with the ringtone. And while it’s certainly a neat idea, we doubt it’ll sway any fence-sitters into parting with an extra £100 over the standard Galaxy S6.

Samsung’s own uses for the curved edges, while novel, are largely superfluous too. Some users might love a toolbar with their favourite shortcuts on it but many prefer a clean, clear home screen, while a ringtone set-up that’d have John Travolta pelvic thrusting in your face will likely grow real old, real fast.

We’re currently smashing out our own ideas of uses for the S6 Edge, but haven’t got far past ’emergency cheese slicer’. If you’ve got any crafty ideas of your own, feel free to share in the comments below.

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