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Dial R for Relax: Orange launches “relaxation line”


Described as a pioneering new service, today Orange launched a “relaxation line”. This unusual service allows Orange customers to dial a number and listen to soothing sounds, including woodland forest noises, waves and the “traditional hubbub of an English village green”. If you’re an Orange customer you can dial the service for free by calling 347 from your Orange handset and non Orange customers can call 0207 050 6888 (standard call charges apply).

According to Orange research, seven in ten Brits found the sound of the sea lapping against the shore the “ultimate calming environment to listen to”, followed by a crackling log fire, the sound of a forest, birdsong and a typical English village green. Professor of the History of Culture at the University of London, Richard Schoch, added that recent studies show that certain sounds slow down the body’s stress response.

We think this is one of the most bizarre and amazing services to come from a mobile network. As Lara Caplin from Orange UK says, “This time of year is particularly chaotic, so what better than dialling a free service that provides on-demand the calming sounds of an ocean?” We couldn’t agree more Lara. In fact we’re going to plug in our Orange iPhone into a speaker dock, dial 347 and start chilling out to the sound of traditional hubbub of an English village green. No really, we are.