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Disney Movies Anywhere hits Android

If you’ve got an Android tablet and a young ‘un, good news! You can now stream Disney flicks wherever you find an internet connection.

When Disney Movies Anywhere launched earlier in the year, the film-streaming service was only available on iOS devices and was tightly linked to iTunes, leaving those of us who serve a different master out in the cold with no hopes of a Mulan fix. However, Disney has finally taken pity on non-Apple mortals and expanded the service to include Android users too.

Disney Movies Anywhere will now be offered through Google Play, so as long as you’ve signed up for an account, you’re good to go. Disney is also throwing in a free copy of Wreck-it Ralph for new customers, which is a nice deal sweetener if you’re on the fence.

The iTunes-style service allows users to purchase and download Disney movies to any of their devices or stream them via the Disney Movies Anywhere website, and offers over 400 Disney, Pixar and Marvel flicks for your viewing pleasure. Once you’ve paid for a film, you can watch it as many times as you like – great news for parents, who know only too well that kids can sit through five back-to-back showings of Frozen every single Saturday.

And now that Disney Movies Anywhere is available on Android too, Disney’s recently announced ‘Keychest’ concept comes into play, allowing users to pay just once for a movie and watch it across several different platforms.

This will also be useful once Android TV becomes available via the Google Nexus Player, due to hit the shops some time before Christmas, as you will then be able to stream that Disney goodness direct to your big-screen TV.

It’s unclear whether Disney will develop Movies Anywhere so users who have purchased a DVD or Blu-Ray can then access their movie digitally as well, or indeed whether a tie-in with Amazon or Ultraviolet could be on the cards, but the potential is certainly there to make Disney Movies Anywhere a huge, all-encompassing cross-platform service.

In the meantime, get the popcorn ready and the just ‘Let It Go’…