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Disney opens its first phone store in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Following on from their themed Android phone, the exclusively Japan-only Disney Mobile have opened their fist shop in Shinjuku, in the middle of Toyko. Touch the magic!

It’s about the size of other standard phone shops in Japan, with the single difference being everything available is Disney. Absolutely everything. Contents of the store won’t be limited to just mobiles, with the shop set to offer phone accessories, like covers and decorative phone chains, alongside other ‘related goods’.

During its opening, in classic Japanese store promotion style, Disney Mobile are running a lottery for visiting customers, with the chance to win clear-files, notebooks, mugs and more. What more excuses to visit do you need?

Expect to see the Disney-themed DM009SH in-store soon. It’ll come with a no-glasses 3.8-inch 3D screen, alongside a 9.6-megapixel camera, portable TV-tuner, NFC technology, a customisable Disney email address, and its own Android widgets.

Source: Disney Mobile
Via: MobileCrunch


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