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Diva, Attitude and Gay Times launch iPhone and iPad apps

Magazine publisher Tri Active Media has launched universal iOS apps for three more of its magazines: Diva, Attitude and Gay Times. All three are selling for £1.79 on the App Store, working across iPhone and iPad.

Although their app descriptions are light on detail, it looks like the apps will wrap iOS interactivity around the pages from the actual magazines. Attitude’s includes one issue for free download, with others to be made available as they come out. We’re guessing it’s the same for the other two apps.

Looking on the App Store, both Attitude and Gay Times are selling individual issues for £2.99 within the app. But here’s the interesting thing: they’re both doing subscriptions too: 13 issues for £24.99, via in-app payment.

There had been reports recently that magazine publishers can’t sell subscriptions within the app store, but that’s seemingly untrue.


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