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Don’t forget your old mobile phone this Christmas

Our parents survived without mobile phones and some people’s grandparents didn’t even have a landline phone in their home. Today it’s rare that you’ll find anyone without a mobile phone and unfortunately most people think their old mobile phones are worthless. Old phones tend to end up in draws never to be used again.

Your old mobile phone is not worthless. Do a few searches online and you’ll find a variety of companies, such as, Envirofone, Mobile Phone Xchange and Love 2 Recycle, that will pay you for your old handset. Alternatively why not give your old mobile a good clean, buy a new battery, a pay as you go SIM or SIM-only package and give your phone to someone else.

According to various parts of a mobile phone can be recycled including metals and plastics. So if you feel like being green, which you should, then visit the site and get recycling. Mobile phone manufacturers, such as Sony Ericsson, have even started to make phones with recycling in mind.


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