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Doodle Band brings scribbly instruments to iPhone

More than four million people have played iPhone game Doodle Jump since it was released last year: it’s ferociously addictive for kids and adults alike. It’s also spawned a host of other ‘Doodle’ games, all inspired by its hand-drawn graphics style.

Now that style is spreading into other kinds of apps too, starting with music. Doodle Band is a free app that’s just gone live on the App Store, and lets you play a horn, piano or drums in scribbly style.

Is it “by far the most unique music app you will ever use” as the blurb proclaims? Maybe not: Bebot Robot Synth still has our vote on that score. But Doodle Band is a fun idea, and a sign that iPhone already has its own memes – the line-drawing controls of Flight Control are another example.

Developer Alex Greene says he’s working on a fully fledged Doodle Drummer app, which will be hitting the App Store soon.


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