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Doodle Bowling for iPhone and Android: The Doodle abides

No prizes for guessing what this is all about. As its name suggests, Doodle Bowling takes the scrap paper and pen messthetics of Doodle Jump and adds, er, bowling.

Standard ten pin bowling scoring applies here, as you bowl balls down various cartoon alleyways, aiming to get strikes, doubles and turkeys while picking up spares where you can. By swiping your finger left or right after you bowl can put a bit of spin on the ball after you’ve thrown it.

The more games you complete, the more backgrounds you can unlock with credits earned. As well as the standard graph paper and biro level, there’s a chalk blackboard level and an underwater level. Doodle Bowling is great fun and has some nice graphics. The only thing it really lacks is a multiplayer option.

Doodle Bowling is available for both iPhone and Android. It’s free to download on both platforms, but iPhone owners can also purchase a Pro (i.e. non-ad supported) version if they wish. This version costs £1.19.


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