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Doodle Jump developer makes an official app for… Bubble Wrap?

Who knew that Bubble Wrap was a registered trademark? Yet it is: owned by a company called Sealed Air Corporation. Even stranger, it’s teamed up with Lima Sky, the developer behind Doodle Jump, to make an official app.

Yes, that would be an official, fully-trademarked app for Bubble Wrap. “If you enjoy popping bubbles, you owe it to yourself to get this app,” explains the blurb.

What you get is a choice of coloured virtual bubble wrap: black, while, slate, sage or pink (we’re not making this up), with 350 bubbles per sheet to pop, and an option to pinch to change their size, with bigger bubbles making a deeper popping sound.

Oh, and it supports multi-touch, so you can pop several at once. We’ll stick with Doodle Jump, but if you’re a packaging fan, this 59p app may be the perfect pre-Christmas stress reliever.


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