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Doritos Dip Desperado game app offers real-world prizes for top scores

Doritos have launched an app that allows you to compete with friends for real-world prizes.

Ranging from trips to Florida to console games, there’s more than 70,000 prizes that can also be won by entering codes found on Doritos packs into the app.

We’ve been told that if your score gets you  to the top of the Doritos Dip Desperado Facebook leader board,  you’re guaranteed a prize. These include PlayStation and Wii games, cinema tickets, and a day’s driving experience at Silverstone. We wouldn’t be surprised if there were more corn-baked triangular snacks available too..

The finger-flicking app was created by game developer Acne, who were also responsible for the critically acclaimed Pizza Boy.

It may not be as addictive or playable as Pizza Boy, but it doescontinued Acne’s tradition of well-styled games. Gameplay involves nudging your spinning dorito, trying to collect gold and power-ups, and avoid enemies including mosquitos and what looked like a sandworm. Tapping on the screen will kill off any enemies you’re unable to dodge too. Power-ups like a flaming dorito also help to clear your path.

The flicking motion that starts your snack-based journey doesn’t seem to affect your speed or flight path, which is a shame- we were hoping for something similar to Paper Glider.

Regardless it’s nice to see some real world prizes, which has dragged us back into playing a little bit more. Doubt we’ll get on the leader-board though…

Available on iTunes and Android Market, you can download the game for free below, or give it a try online at Dorito’s Facebook page.


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