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Dorling Kindersley launches Eyewitness Paris tourism app for iPad

Off to Paris anytime soon? Got an iPad and a tenner to spare? You might be interested in Dorling Kindersley’s new app, Eyewitness Paris then.

It’s a tourism guide app, filling you in on the best shops, restaurants, walks and landmarks, including maps for all the central districts of the French capital stored on your iPad, for offline access. Which, with roaming costs being what they are, is definitely a good thing.

The app also includes photos, and the ability to plot a bunch of locations on the map, to help you find your way between them.

Meanwhile, there are also Dorling Kindersley’s signature ‘cutaway’ illustrations for Paris’ most famous landmarks, letting you tap and zoom in to find more information on their history and features.

£9.99 seems expensive for an app, although it’s about the same price as a guide book, we guess.


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