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Doro Liberto 810: the Swede set to simplify smartphones

Sweden has given the world many wonderful things since its Viking residents stopped the pillaging, things such as saunas, Saab and Victoria Silvsted. Now the savvy Swedes at Doro are adding to that list a “straightforward” smartphone: the Liberto 810…

The Doro Liberto 810: simpler than a monochromatic Rubik's Cube

Okay, perhaps not as steamy as a sauna, streamlined as a Saab or, indeed, as sexy as the seemingly always semi-naked Miss Silvsted. But what this new option on the UK market does bring to the party is a relatively stylish look and ease of use so that even the most thundering of Luddites will be able to operate it.

Running on Android 4.1 with Doro’s own ‘Doro Experience’ software installed as the user interface, the Liberto 810 has been conceived out of considerable consumer insight and collaboration with Silicon Sentier. Its body features three physical keys on the front to cover the basics of ‘back’, ‘home’ and ‘menu’, and a “straightforward menu structure with sharp and crisp icons giving access to the most useful features”, allowing the Liberto to be “handled and operated with confidence and ease”.

Further simplifying the smartphone, the Liberto comes with an inbuilt SwiftKey intelligent keyboard that learns every aspect of the user’s hamfisted finger-failures, adapting itself to them to make the text input process easier and subsequent emails and SMS messages less prone to nonsensical spelling and other glaring gaffes.

So, ludicrously easy to operate and at £110 relatively reasonably priced too, that just leaves the name. Liberto? After freed Roman slaves? Yes, explains Chris Millington, Managing Director of Doro UK and Ireland: “We are liberating those who perceive smartphones to be overly complicated and crowded.” Ah, makes sense now… kind of.


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