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Doro PhoneEasy 341 and PhoneEasy 409: What’s in the box?

We’ve been fans of Doro ever since we saw the PhoneEasy 338gsm and HandlePlus 334gsm. It’s great to see a manufacturer catering for people who need very simple, easy-to-use phones.

Today we got our hands on Doro’s latest phones, the PhoneEasy 341 and PhoneEasy 409. In the 341 and 409’s boxes you get headphones, a lanyard to keep your Doro phone close by, a charger and user manuals.

The Doro PhoneEasy 341 costs £80 and the Doro PhoneEasy 409 costs £110. Both phones come without a SIM card and are available to order now from Matobshop.

Dialling and texting on the Doro PhoneEasy 341 is effortless thanks to the large rubberised keys.

The Doro PhoneEasy 341 is light and fits comfortably in the hand. The green button is the Emergency Call key. Pressing and holding this for 3 seconds will send an emergency text out to numbers on your Emergency numbers list, and the phone will dial the first number on that list.

At the bottom of the 341 you’ll find a a clip where you can thread the provided lanyard through. The 2.5mm headphone and the mains charger sockets are on the right.

The keypad of the Doro EasyPhone 409 is virtually identical to the one on the PhoneEasy 341, making for easy dialling and texting. The ‘Name’ shortcut on the right takes you to a list of your contacts.

The 409’s Emergency Call key sits next to an external speaker.

There are two LED notification lights: one for the battery and one for when you’ve received a message or call. You connect the lanyard by lifting up the battery cover, which keeps it in place when the 409 is shut.

Controls for adjusting the volume of calls on the PhoneEasy 409.


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