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Dot 3 (TM): More Android ball dropping action

Dot Three, the “three-quel” to the other two Dot games, has landed in the Android Market. Like previous incarnations it’s all about ball control. You tilt your phone left and right so that the ball drops between the gaps in the platforms, trying to avoid getting spiked by the ceiling above.

Its a pretty straightforward tilt and drop style puzzle game and not exactly revolutionary. But its won us over with a cool minimal design and ustwo’s oh-so-humorous names for the OpenFeint achievements (‘dropping ya balls’, ‘kicked in the balls’, ‘you got big balls’ etc).

Like the other two games in the series Dot Three has an annoying ‘one more go’ feel about it. After you’ve put it down for the hundredth time you’ll instantly want to pick it again and beat your last high score.

Dot Three is available to download now for a mere 79p.


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