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Dot and Dot Two inject some balls into the Android Market

Dot and Dot Two, or to be precise .™, and ..™, are the products of the infamous ustwo and are now free to download from the Android Market.

Both games revolve around you directing a large white sphere across a playing field where the object is to stay alive for as long as possible. You do this by tilting your Android phone in the desired direction.

Rolling the white ball into the big blue balls fill up your ever-decreasing health meter. The evil red triangles however are out to get you – hit too many of these and it’ll soon spell game over.

Dot is 2D top-down affair where the balls and triangles come in at you from all sides of the screen. Dot Two is a scrolling 3D version of the original which sees you rolling across a rotating landscape, weaving in and out of the triangles while you touch as many blue balls as you can.

The original Dot now has OpenFeint support allowing you to brag to your mates about how long your balls can last via Twitter and Facebook as well as unlock achievements. Posting your scores to either will earn you the ‘Broadcast your balls’ and ‘Balls on the wall’ achievements.

Both games are easy to pick up but come with a frustrating ‘just one more go’ factor which make them hard to put down.

Dot and Dot Two are both free to download from the Android Market now.


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