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Download and delete: 26% of all apps used only once.

With over 10 billion apps already downloaded on Apple devices alone, apps have now become very big business. But download figures only tell half the story, says analytics company, Localytics.

They looked at thousands of app transactions between iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone 7 handsets, looking at whether customers repeatedly used apps they had downloaded. Spreading the data out for the whole of 2010, one-use apps increased from 22% in January to March, to 28% for those downloaded between October and December.

On average, 26% of all apps downloaded were used only once, Localytics also suggested that an app’s first impression is all-important- and to avoid creating download-and-delete apps, companies should start looking away from download figures, and more to how many users an app is able to retain after that first play.

According to the analytics company, there are now around 400,000 apps available on iTunes and 200,000 on Android, and that doesn’t even include the smaller smartphone app stores, like Blackberry’s App World and Nokia’s Ovi. We’ve downloaded plenty of freebie apps, had a quick play, became bored/disappointed and then deleted them, all within the span of an hour.

We could forgive a slight slip in quality during last year, as more and more apps came to app stores like iTunes and Android market each day. Apps also need to constantly compete for space against photos and music saved on your phone- another reason to cull unnecessary apps.

Part of an app’s appeal is its simplicity; they’re easy to get onto your phone, no need for an install-and-restarts like a PC, and you can continue to use your phone while apps download. Naturally, their simplicity means apps are also pretty easy to uninstall…


Via: Localytics , via: MobileBeat


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