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Getting started with Dragon’s Watch: Tips and tricks for this mobile strategy game

We’ve been slightly addicted to colourful turn-based battle strategy game Dragon’s Watch this month, which sees you leading a team of six warriors into clashes with waves of deadly foes. Here’s why you should jump into Dragon’s Watch on your iPhone or Android mobile, plus our tips and tricks guide for learning the basics.

What is Dragon’s Watch?

This tactical mobile game is the debut release from UK developer The Secret Police, for iOS and Android devices. The Secret Police is one of the more intriguing game developers around right now, as it’s backed by some big names including Ian Livingstone and Haywood Nakayama. And if Dragon’s Watch is anything to go by, we can expect some well-designed and addictive titles in the future.

Dragon’s Watch is free to download and play, and you can grab it right now for your smartphone. Just head to the Google Play store (if you’re an Android user) or Apple’s App Store (if you rock an iPhone) and you’ll find it there.

How do I play Dragon’s Watch?

Gameplay is nice and simple, although Dragon’s Watch is also quite complex once you dive down into the nuances and begin to develop your team and battle strategies. In other words, it’s easy to pick up and learn, but with plenty of depth to keep you coming back for more.

Each mission consists of a number of waves of enemies. Your team of six characters must face these waves one at a time and you’ll need to have at least one surviving team member when the final wave is vanquished to complete the mission. Making it to the end rewards you with precious loot, including new characters to lead into battle.

One of the best elements of Dragon’s Watch is the unique battle mechanism. The ‘Revolver’ setup allows you to literally rotate your warriors, changing up which three are at the front of the fight and which ones are hidden away from danger. You can’t change the order of these characters however, so you’ll need to think carefully about their placement ahead of time.

Outside of missions, you get the chance to fuse characters together. This essentially sacrifices one of your warriors to boost the skills of another. As you’ll be collecting a massive gang of characters, this is a great way to quickly level up your stronger soldiers and clear out some of the weaker elements.

Dragon’s Watch tips and tricks

Think carefully about your revolver layout before each battle. You’ll see a preview of enemies that you’ll face at the top of the screen, so take note of their elements and pick characters with counter elements for maximum impact. If you’re facing a variety of elements, mix up your selection too.

You’ll also want to seriously think about the positions of each character in the revolver system. Make sure that your elements are well spread and your strongest characters aren’t all clustered together, in case you need to rest one of them.

When you tap on an enemy, any of your warriors with an elemental advantage will glow in response. Get these characters to the front and use them to quickly take down your foes.

Remember to rest any characters who are running low on health. Switching them to the back will protect them and allow them to regain health, ready for the next round. If they fall in battle before the end, they’ll miss out on valuable experience.

Every day you’ll have special missions to complete, which expire after 24 hours. These are generally quite straightforward, such as completing a set number of quests or performing so many fusions. Completing these rewards you with coins and beer, so check them each day and remember to collect your rewards. You can access this board via the main game screen.

Likewise, make sure you regularly check the achievements board and collect rewards for everything you complete.

You’ll also get free beer, coins and gems from the characters scattered around that main game screen. These freebies are replenished when the timers run out.

Fusing characters gives your best warriors a big boost in hit points, as well as attack, defence and recovery levels. Get rid of any fighters that you’re not interested in (especially if you already have stronger characters of the same element) and put them to good use. Remember: fusing heroes of the same element type will give you a 50 percent XP boost.

To evolve your heroes, you can’t simply fuse them with other characters. You’ll need to collect Essences via the Vortex quests. Given the huge bonuses those evolutions offer, we recommend getting stuck in.

Don’t forget to craft items using the raw materials you pick up through battle. For instance, you can create some very helpful potions which restore your health, which can really help with those tricky battles. At first you can only take one item into each mission, but you’ll unlock additional slots as you level up.


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