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Draw Something 2 launches for iOS

Remember the massively popular mobile game Draw Something? Zynga is back with a followup to the successful title, not unsurprisingly called Draw Something 2. Just like the original, you’ll be trying to figure out exactly what people are trying to draw, or possibly depicting images of your own for other people to guess. Zynga has also thrown in some new features that should help gameplay flow a little more smoothly.

Draw Something 2 adds over 5,000 new words to the in built dictionary, along with a new range of drawing tools. Players can now use stamps, markers, highlighters, and even crayons to help create winning images. Zynga has also added a gallery to the app, letting you scroll through past drawings, and Social Feed allows anyone to take a peek at your doodles.

If you simply want to practise your drawing, then the new Free Draw mode will let you. And the coins that played such a prominent role in the original game? There are now more ways to earn them. Zynga has added a Daily Guess option along with a Daily Draw game. Why would you want more coins, you ask? They let you purchase additional colour and drawing options. If you don’t want to spend time collecting coins, you can always buy them for real money using the in-app purchase system.

Still interested? Draw Something 2 is available in the iOS App Store right now. The paid version of the game costs £1.99, but a free version is also available that will serve up in-game ads. The game is only available for iOS right now, so Android users will have to sit tight.


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