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Droids fooled in China

Just a few months ago we were amazed by the level of detail put into a fake Apple stores in China and it seems that this trend has picked up momentum. One store in Zhuhai, China, has gone all out on an Android branded store. The store stocks not only Android devices, but also hedges its bets by selling the iPhone too. As reported by Slash Gear.

Fake Android Store from the outside

Images released by Brain Glucroft on his blog reveal the so called “Glowing Android” store in all its glory and it seems these stores are spreading fast. The outside of this store is automatically recognisable with its Android-green paint and the classic robot logo. Walking inside you’d be mistaken for thinking this was the real deal as branding litters every corner, much like Google’s very own Androidland, in Melbourne Australia.

The surprising thing is that the store also contains Apple’s iPhone and its branding. The demand for iPhones and smartphones alike in the region is huge and everybody wants to get in on the action, so we are sure to see many more photos of these stores rearing their little heads.

Smartphone manufacturers need to smarten up their act and get the official stores opened up and try to compete with these fake stores. We’ll of course keep you updated.


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