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Don’t text while drunk — it’ll cost you millions

Don’t drink and text; it’ll cost you more than you think.

The perils of overdoing it in a seasonal booze-fest at this time of year are well known, but now an unseen consequence of getting wasted has been uncovered by giffgaff, and it’s costing the UK a staggering £640 million a year. Yes, you guessed it: drunken texting

Don't pick up your phone if you've picked up the bottle.

Research conducted by giffgaff revealed that a – remarkably specific – 433,650,127 completely Katona-ed communications are sent annually. These include the ill-advised texts to friends and exes that result in apologetic gift-giving, paralytic purchasing of expensive apps and other assorted online shopping, drunken calls to premium international numbers and – something really reserved for the properly pished – taking out payday loans.

Naturally, almost 90 per cent of the 2,110 people surveyed were smartphone users, 27 per cent admitted to being troubled tipsy texters, some 68 per cent had taken out loans on the lash and another 68 per cent (possibly the same) had indulged in blitzed-buying. 

75 per cent confessed to contacting ‘premium rate numbers’ (ahem), and 70 per cent said they’d been guilty of sending less-than-sober SMS messages to contacts which has subsequently resulted in financial ramifications to make things right again.

When it came to social media messaging, a surprisingly low 17 per cent of those surveyed admitted to posting while plastered, some kind of common sense was revealed in just 3 per cent having bothered the boss, a lowly and clearly lonely 11 per cent to annoying an ex, and a predictably high 54 per cent coughed to sending messages to the wrong contact.

Remarkably though, 12 per cent claimed to have never used their mobile while under the influence of alcohol; the little Lindsay Lohan-ed liars!

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