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Dub Selector HD turns you into an iPad reggae DJ

Frankly, the chances of me being handed the controls of a dub reggae soundsystem are roughly equal to those of Bob Marley returning from the grave to make an album with The Cribs. Yet new iPad app Dub Selector HD at least lets me inflict sirens, samples and a selection of fierce tunes on anyone who comes within range of my hi-fi.

The app makes you a DJ, triggering samples, beats and effects over music created by award-winning producer Dubmatix. Vocals are supplied by some legendary singers, including Black Uhuru’s Michael Rose, Dennis Alcapone and the unbeatably-named Fredlocks.

There are four ‘selectors’ – interactive scenes – to play with. Beach Selector, Pinball Selector, Studio Selector and Space Selector.¬†Each lets you tap on different objects – palm trees and waves for the beach, aliens and robots for space etc – to jam with the samples’n’sirens.

It’s one of the more imaginative music creation apps available for iPad, although it may only appeal to people with a working knowledge of the reggae genre. A separate version is available for iPhone and iPod touch.


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