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dubble for iOS makes sharing photos with strangers fun

dubble iconInstagram meets Rando in a new collaborative photography app called dubble.

A team of artists, photographers and developers joined forces to create British startup, dubble; who last week launched its first iOS app under the same name.

The app brings mobile photographers together by mashing up two user’s independent photos into a single cross-pollinated piece of arty, abstract photography. The hook is that not only is dubble simple to use, but the resultant ‘dubbles’ get better as more users sign up.

Photos can be taken from within the app or uploaded from existing snaps on your iOS device, much like Instagram. Once a shot is submitted, dubble’s servers pick another user’s photo, blend the two together and then apply a few filters automatically, spitting out a combined image or ‘dubble’ in a dedicated tab within the app. You can then view the users who’ve contributed to your dubbled shots or browse other singles (shots taken or uploaded by a user, but not yet blended with another).

dubble_1dubble_3dubble_4dubble 5

The simplicity is what makes dubble so attractive; within minutes you can create interesting new photographic compositions, collaborating with users across the globe. Should you wish, you can even tell the app to re-submit existing singles in your library so that you can obtain more remixes with new users using the same source photo.


Presently some might see the automated filter system, lack of alternative OS support and the inability to search other ‘dubblers’ openly as restrictive, but bear in mind, this is version 1.0 and it’s clear that there’s plenty of room for expansion and evolution as dubble grows. We suggest you download the app, which is free, and test it out for yourself. Who knows what photo combinations you’ll help create.


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