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Duke Nukem Forever: Coming to the iPhone?

The white iPhone of the gaming world, Duke Nukem Forever,  may make a modified appearance on iPhones, according to the small print spotted on the game’s pre-download page on Steam.

Technically, it wouldn’t be the first Duke game to arrive on iDevices, but it is another indicator of the increasing sway mobile gaming has on the industry- especially Apple.

It’ll be interesting to see what form the game would take on the iPhone, but what we’ve seen with the likes of Dead Space and Infinity Blade has proved high-quality games are a real possibility on the iPhone.

The latest Duke Nukem game has been trapped in development hell since 1997, and looks set to finally arrive on PCs this year, 14 years later.

If you’re aching for some massively dated, massively misogynistic alien shooting, you can try revisiting Duke Nukem 3D on the iPhone and iPad. Although the controls prove quite iffy, it’s under a quid, and is good fun once you get the hang of moving around. Takes us back to the days of games on CDs. (Or was it floppy disks?)

Via: Touch Arcade


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