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London man arrested for tazer disguised as iPhone

An London man has been arrested for carrying a stun gun disguised as an iPhone.

A young man from Walthamstow was arrested over the weekend after he was discovered carrying a stun gun that was ingeniously disguised as an Apple iPhone.

Waltham Forest Police posted a notice to their Twitter feed regarding the arrest and shared some snapshots of the device, which looks almost identical to an iPhone 4 save for the prominent ‘volume buttons’ on the side which appear to be the trigger.

The device has two terminals on the bottom, next to the headphone port which, when pressed to the skin, could deliver a debilitating electric shock capable of inflicting significant pain and, in extreme circumstances, render a person unconscious.

Despite being legal in some European countries and the United States, stun guns are prohibited in the UK under Section 5 of the firearms act. While standard stun guns don’t carry a minimum sentence, devices which have been disguised as something else do, as they have clearly been developed to evade detection by the authorities.

Back in 2014, a 21-year old Oxford man who was found in possession of a stun gun disguised as an iPhone received 4 years in prison.

Nefarious users have also been attracted by phone cases which double up as stun guns. In the US Yellow Jacket sell a case for the iPhone for $65 (£41) which is capable of delivering a 650,000 volt belt to a target.


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