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Early version of Firefox Mobile for Android released

Fennec, aka Firefox for Mobile, has been available on the Nokia N900 for some time and now it’s available to download as a ‘pre-alpha’ for Android phones. We downloaded it this morning and had a quick go. It’s worth noting that this is a very early relsease and it did crash on us a few times.

Web pages look great and load quickly. It’s not quite as quick as Opera Mini 5 beta, but it’s early days still. One neat thing about Fennec is how it keeps things like tabs and forward and back buttons hidden. Scroll left or right on any page and you’ll find them tucked away in the sides.

Fennec also features something called Weave Sync which allows you to sync browsing history and bookmarks between your desktop and your Android phone. We tried this out but couldn’t seem to get it working.

Pinch to zoom is absent which is frustrating when you’ve got a device that supports multi touch. Hopefully Mozilla will add this in a later version.

You can check out Fennec on your Android phone by downloading the apk here. It works on Android 2.0 and above and it’s not a small app – it’s 31.5MB – so make sure you’ve got enough internal memory.

Overall Fennec looks very promising. We’re looking forwards to checking out the full version.

Source: Vladimir Vukićević via Mashable


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