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eBay iPhone app update adds barcode scanner

My love for barcode scanning knows no bounds. That’s one of the reasons why I’m so excited about the latest update to the eBay iPhone app.

The other reasons are more mercenary; I want to find the cheapest possible option at all times, and I want to flog my old stuff with minimum effort. The eBay app’s new barcode scanner helps me do both.

When I’m out and about shopping for Christmas presents (for myself), I can scan the barcode of that essential book/CD/DVD/game/Blu-ray disc and see if I can nab it for up to 99% less on the illustrious auction site.

And post-Christmas, I can quickly and easily eBay all the duplicate books/CDs/DVDs/games/Blu-ray discs I receive (as well as all those awful QI annuals and boring non-fiction books like Why Penguins Have Wings Even Though They Don’t Fly which suck my poor, unsuspecting family members in with their quirky illustrations. Not that I’m ungrateful).

All I’ll have to do (and I literally can’t wait!!!) is scan the barcode of said item, pick the most professional-looking listing and then hit ‘sell one like this’.

Easy. That should see me through the hard January times.


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