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eBoy FixPix is most addictive iPhone game known to man

You can keep your Angry Birds, your DoodleJump and your Paper Toss, I know what I’ll be whiling away my hours playing from now on: eBoy’s FixPix iPhone game is intensely addictive. And not just addictive, but beautifully, wonderfully executed.

It’s a jigsaw for the iPad generation, taking eBoy’s oft-imitated pixel art and slicing it up, users tilt their iPhones to put it back together again – thus fixing the pic (see what they did there?). But the images aren’t just sliced apart wantonly, they’re properly taken apart, layer by layer, so sometimes it’s nigh on impossible to tell where that helicopter was supposed to have started out or which character the floating teeth belong to.

So much fun, so nice to look at and only £1.19. It’s designed for iPhone, but the zoomed-in version works brilliantly on the iPad too.




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