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Edi-mobile: It’s the mobile phone Thomas Edison would use

It must be nice for all these designers to have so much time on their hands. If they’re not creating iPhone app fonts, they’re playing mobile phone pranks on their pals – like self-confessed mobile phone hater Bill Gould who finally invested in a handset having resisted for years. His incredulous friends asked for a photo of the phone that broke him, so the industrial archaeologist turned CAD-designer knocked the Edi-mobile together for a lark.

The design of the ‘patented portable talking box’ is practically Pixar-worthy with its crank operation and retro-receiver styling. The only nod to modern-day telephony is the slide-out number pad – it should be a dial-phone, surely? Text messaging would be very interesting without a screen, as would lugging around the 50lb battery required to power it.

It’s very cute, but sadly we won’t be seeing these available in Past Times any time soon – it exists only as a render.

[via Yanko Design]