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EE rolls out 4G to 200th town

EE has switched on 4G support for 13 new locations in the UK, expanding its uber-fast broadband coverage to 72% of the UK population.

EE, in its quest for national 4G domination, has now rolled out LTE coverage to the 200th UK town. Thirteen new locations have been 4G-ified this week, and Rhyl in North Wales has the honour of being town 200 in EE’s plans, with the 4G network now reaching 72% of the UK population.

EE rolls out 4G to 200th UK town, Rhyl in North WalesThis is Rhyl, this is. Lovely.

If, like us, you’ve never heard of Rhyl before today, here are some fun facts we dug up with a little help from the interwebs:

1. Rhyl is a seaside town on the north east coast of Wales, and a popular tourist destination for Welsh people!

2. As of 2001, Rhyl had a population under 25,000 – that’s about the same as the average attendance for a Hull City football match!

3. Hilarious Mancunian funnyman Jason Manford will be in town on July 26 with his “wealth of comedy anecdotes, comic misunderstandings and audience banter” – be sure to drop by and say hello!

4. Rhyl railway station doesn’t have baby changing facilities, waiting rooms, ATM machines or a customer help point, but it does have a pay phone! (Not that you’ll need one with your whizzy 4G smartphone.)


Photo credit: Berit Watkin


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