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EE rolling out even nippier LTE-A to whole of London

Live outside of the M25? Well, you’ll have to wait a bit longer for LTE-Advanced, as EE hands the super-fast network to London first

As if the rest of the UK didn’t hate London enough already, we’re now treating the M25 like a massive data moat. EE is rolling out its super-nippy LTE-A ‘4.5G’ service to everywhere inside the circular road from hell, with you Northern types having to make do with bog-standard 4G for a bit longer. So there.

EE rolling out LTE-A super-4G service to London in 2014

LTE-Advanced, or LTE-A for short, not only increases data speeds to a whopping 300Mbit/s, but also can handle more users at once, an important consideration as people upgrade from their current 3G data plans. So far it’s only been rolled out in Tech City, a rather excitingly-named chunk of East London also known as Silicon Roundabout. However, EE’s latest rollout will bring 300Mbit/s goodness to everywhere inside the M25, starting with the South of London.

Olaf Swantee, the charismatic CEO of EE, announced the plans on GSMA’s Mobile World Live. So far there are very few smartphones capable of handling LTE-A, including a Korea-only version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, but we’d expect most phones launching towards the end of 2014 to have built-in LTE-A support.


Source: The Register


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