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EE to launch an own-brand 4G Android smartphone?

A spy shot of an unknown Android smartphone is rumoured to be EE’s first own-brand 4G smartphone.

unknown EE phoneBack before T-Mobile and Orange had been swallowed up by the EverythingEverywhere partnership that later transformed into EE, both networks would occasionally push out the odd handset bearing their own brand name. The Intel-powered Orange San Diego being one of the last most notable offerings.

Whilst O2 and Vodafone are still dressing white label handsets with their own marque, EE has remained relatively quiet on this front, instead focusing on offering up the broadest range of 4G capable phones from known manufacturers, but that might be about to change.

A single spy shot of an unnamed device has been picked up by Engadget and it shows an EE-skinned Android interface and a removable back plate adorned with the network’s distinctive logo. The handset in question looks to be an unknown Huawei device, as it appears to share some similarities with the likes of the Ascend Y300. Elements of Huawei’s Emotion UI are also visible in the messaging icon and weather widget.

It’s believed to sport Cat 4 LTE connectivity, meaning it’ll be up for grabs on EE’s double-speed 4G plans and potentially could serve as the network’s most affordable 4G phone yet.

EE’s keeping quiet on this phone’s existence, but that doesn’t mean its not close to launching. What do you think is the most limiting part of 4G right now? The price, the hardware or something else? Leave your thoughts down below.


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