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EE & Vodafone to offer free WiFi to customers on the London Underground

The company behind the first active 4G network in the UK, EE have possibly played their hand a little early in revealing that they’ll be bringing WiFi to London commuters on their network, alongside established UK carrier Vodafone.

The London Olympics brought a lot to our fair city and not only did we see Stratford revitalised and the world watching the goings on within its midst, but we were also treated to smaller additions that have had a big significance elsewhere in town. Virgin Media began a rollout of high speed public WiFi networks in the run up to the Olympics that offered commuters easy access to the internet at a growing number of tube stations throughout the London Underground.

WiFi on the Underground

The free WiFi access has been available to every commuter with a connect device, irrespective of their allegiance to Virgin Media, although the company did say that this wouldn’t last forever and indeed the free access will be restricted down solely to select Virgin Media customers in ‘early 2013’. Step in EE and Vodafone to help soften the blow.

Following a tweet posted on EE’s Twitter feed (which has subsequently been removed), it appears that the carrier played their hand a little early, but expect EE customers to have access to the Underground WiFi networks in the coming months. Pocket-Lint were told by a reliable source that despite this possible faux pas, EE won’t be the only carrier to offer this service as apparently Vodafone users will be able to browse underground too. Virgin Media refused to comment on these potential offerings but we’ll no doubt see some public talk of these new service from the respective carriers in the coming months.


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