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EE’s special relationship with AT&T will see UK travellers getting 4G speeds abroad

EE and AT&T have announced a deal which will see US customers travelling to the UK able to hop on their superfast 4G and vice versa. 

This special relationship is the first of many international 4G contracts EE that expects to sign with overseas networks. 

The idea is that eventually British holidaymakers and business travellers able to tap in to faster speeds wherever they are in the world. 

EE’s special relationship with AT&T will see UK travellers getting 4G speeds abroad
Olaf Swantee welcomes AT&T subscribers to hop on the UK’s biggest 4G network

Details on prices for Brits on EE visiting the US and hopping on AT&T’s network are scarce right now. All we know is that EE customers will be able to use 4G overseas by the first half of 2014. 

CEO of EE Olaf Swantee said: “Technology is not just shaping how people book and research holidays; but what they look for when they are choosing a country to visit. From finding their way to local landmarks, to avoiding the Oxford Street crowds by shopping on their tablet, tourists are increasingly looking for fast and reliable mobile experiences when they travel abroad.

“With the biggest and fastest 4G network in the UK, we can provide our partners’ customers with the best mobile experience to stay connected when they visit the UK.” 

We’d argue that if you haven’t ever endured the soul-sapping commuter scrum of a busy Oxford Street then you’ve not properly visited London. Maybe savvy tourists could use phones connected to EE 4G to consult Google Maps to find their way around London if they wanted to avoid the crowds. 

EE’s deal with AT&T comes in the wake of rival operator Three finally switching on its 4G network while scrapping US data roaming charges. While Three has some way to go before catching up with EE’s 4G coverage, its average network speeds aren’t that far off what independent tests show you get with 4G anyway.  


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