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Elf Cam uses iPhone to put your kids in touch with Santa

If your children are already getting excited about Christmas, you may want to buy a new iPhone app called Elf Cam to stoke their festive fervour.

It claims to have been created by the ‘North Pole R&D department’, as an attempt to convince ‘tech-savvy youth’ that Father Christmas really does exist. How? By night-vision video footage of Santa going about his business in the run-up to Christmas. Which, in an innovative twist, can be overlaid onto video of your own home, to be shown on Christmas morning – it will look like Santa really is coming down your chimney.

(Assuming you have one, of course).

That means grainy vids, along with text updates. There’s also a – wait for it – ‘Ho-Ho-Ho-cial Networking’ feature allowing kids to ask questions, and get answers from a staff of ‘professional elves’. They can also submit their Christmas lists via the app.

Will your kids believe it? Well, good luck with that. But Elf Cam is a marvellous idea for an app, and will hopefully rack up plenty of downloads in the coming weeks.


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