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Elvis Presley gets an official iPhone game

Bless his soul, what’s wrong with him? Well, he’s dead for starters. Or is he…

We won’t fuel the conspiracy theories about Elvis Presley being alive, well and working in a chip shop in Neasden. But we will tell you about a new iPhone game called The Official Elvis Challenge, which as the name implies, has the blessing of the Elvis estate.

Essentially, it’s an Elvis trivia game, with more than 2,500 questions spread across The King’s entire career. They’re also divided between different mini-games, including Hangman, Fill in the Blanks, What Year?, Odd One Out, Guess the Song Lyrics and Uncover the Artwork.

The game also features more than 2,000 Elvis photos, and can sync with your iTunes library allowing you to have your Presley tracks blasting out in the background while you play the game. A Pass’n’Play mode lets you ensure that – sorry – you won’t be lonesome (tonight) while playing.

“Words cannot accurately describe this amazing iPhone app,” says the official quote from Elvis Presley Enterprises. Be warned, though, the app blurb makes it clear that “some of the questions and answers will be in conflict with myths and misinformation that have long been part of Elvis lore”.


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