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Embroidered text messages are poignant reminders of days gone by

Since the dawn of threaded conversations in the SMS inbox, text messages have lost a little something of their charm. There’s something increasingly nostalgic about the traditional SMS, those blocky little letters spelling out grammatically suspect messages in isolation. So when we stumbled across these embroidered text messages, we just had to share them with you. Each carefully stitched message holds a story we’ll never know – given added poignancy by being rendered in thread.

In isolation, this message is terrifying. Who are you? What are you doing at my door? What do you want? Take off that mask! I’m calling the police!!! Alternative theory: booty call.

Text messages are incredibly useful when speaking in person is just not an option – like arranging stuff-separation following a painful break up. The finality of this message is quite staggering.

The days before sexting weren’t such an innocent time – and look at all the characters they’ve splashed out on that wheezy chuckle.

We can’t help but wonder what reply this message got – did the recipient wish they were still on cuddling terms too? Or maybe they tried ignoring the comment and hoping it never came up again.

Ahh, the old ‘I want to say something meaningful but I’m a bit embarassed and want to cheer you up so I’ll follow it with something random’ tactic. Four snacks ending in O and S: Oreos, tacos, Wheetos (hey, cereal can be a snack) and Rolos.